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Your shopping cart will include all the needed features on the shoppers side to provide a pleasant and secure shopping experience for visitors as well as a complete backend administrative system to allow you to process orders & manage customers and products.

Customer Account

  • Edit the customer registration form
  • Determine the activation method for created accounts, including: Activation Not Required, User-Activated, or Administrator-Activated
  • Reset user passwords
  • Determine the checkout type, including: only Quick Checkout without creating Customer Accounts or Quick Checkout with or without registration
  • View the order history for any customer

Complete Internet storefront

  • Full web based administration
  • Ability to close the shopping cart storefront during upgrades/maintenance
  • Support for unlimited products and categories
  • Add, Edit, Delete, Move, Copy and Sort categories and products
  • All orders stored in the database for fast and efficient retrieval by shoppers and administrators
  • Greet registered visitors by name when they return to the store
  • Well-defined checkout procedure
  • Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation
  • Support for Digital Products/E-Goods

Manage Products

  • Inventory tracking by product
  • Receive inventory alerts if quantity drops below pre-determined levels
  • Control attributes (color, size, ect) by product, or add them globally
  • Supports both a quick and detailed product description
  • Unlimited product options
  • Stock control by options (i.e. size/colour combinations)
  • Include an unlimited number images with a product
  • Quantity Discounts: You can create a discount for any product based on the number of items being ordered
  • Multicategories: You can place a product in several categories
  • You can display a message for a product which reads "Out of Stock" or "Limited Inventory! Buy Now!"
  • Related Products: For any product you can define a number of Related Products
  • Featured Products: For any category you can define a number of Featured Products
  • Bestsellers: For any category you can display the list of its best-selling products, this list of products can be generated automatically based on sales statistics from the category, or it can be generated manually


  • Price-based discounting
  • Discount & Coupon codes supported (define expiration dates and how many times a coupon can be used)
  • Manage Newsletters: Create and email newsletters to all of your e-store customers
Order Management
  • E-mail notifications on new order received to customer & store owner
  • E-mail notifications on payment received to customer & store owner
  • E-mail notifications sent to customers & store owner on order/payment status changed
  • Easy orders search for customer & store owner
  • Tracking of order history
  • Ability to "status" orders (ie: New Order, In Progress, Shipped, Cancelled)
  • Edit / delete orders
  • Show both order and payment status
  • Ability to for customers & store owners to print INVOICEs and store owner to print PACKING SLIPs for an order
Data Security & Integrity
  • Full HTTPS/SSL support. Secure transactions with SSL
  • Password-protected SSL secured shopping cart admin panel
  • Prevention of unauthorized access attempts
  • Full data backup and restore
  • Customizable store currency
  • Customizable weight units
  • Customizable number and date formats
  • Adjustable list of countries where products can be shipped
Payment Options
  • Accept credit cards, real time payments
  • Offline credit card processing
  • Checks, phone orders, and P.O.
  • CVV2 (Security Code) support
  • Gateways include:
    • 2Checkout
    • Authorize.net
    • Chronopay
    • COD
    • ePay
    • Google Checkout
    • HSBC
    • Network Merchants
    • Paymate
    • PayPal and PayPal Pro
    • Protx
    • Psigate
    • Verisign
    • Worldpay
    • Please contact us for additional payment methods
Shipping and Tax
  • Location restriction on shipping
  • Real-time shipping quotes from:
    • UPS
    • USPS
    • FedEx
    • Australia Post
    • Canada Post
    • Freight 101
    • Intershipper
  • Set custom handling fees
  • Create custom shipping methods
  • Calculate shipping costs by weight, quantity and more
  • Offer free shipping
  • Offer product specific shipping pricing
  • International shipping supported
  • Automatic shipping confirmation by e-mail
  • Calculation of product sales taxes with regard to the recipient's location
  • Calculation of product sales taxes with regard to the payer's location (the entity that pays for the order)
  • Calculation of individual taxes for each product sold with regard to the tax rate
  • Support of an unlimited number of taxes
  • Support of an unlimited number of tax rates for the same tax
  • Calculation of taxes for simultaneous purchase of products spanning several product classes
  • Calculation of taxes applied to shipping cost, if applicable
  • Calculation of taxes applied to shipping cost with regard to delivery method
  • Calculation of interdependent taxes whenever two or more tax amounts depend on each other
  • Set taxes included in the product price
  • Define taxes that do not depend on customer address
  • Collect Tax Exempt # for tax free purchases

Our shopping cart scripts are extremely flexible to meet any need!

To find out what is included, please visit OUR SERVICES page.